There is no question companies are turning to 3rd party warehousing and logistics companies to reduce their supply chain costs, gain market share, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Warehouse Las Vegas provides cost-efficient full-service warehousing and distribution options to both domestic and international customers. With over 250,000 sq ft of secure, temperature controlled warehousing space; we can accommodate a wide variety of services to a diverse customer base. Our warehouse is within 5 miles of all three convention centers, as well as McCarran International Airport, and all of the resorts on the Las Vegas strip.

Storage Options

Warehouse Las Vegas is committed to consolidation programs, pool distribution and cross-docking as a vital part of our business. Our facility features 47 dock doors and around the clock operation. Let us cross-dock your shipments to give you a quick market presence and just in time service with low inventory costs.

Supply Chain Mgmt

Regardless of your industry, supply chains run from suppliers through to customers or stores and require process, technology and people for success.

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We offer the following Environment & security features…

A licensed Transportation Security Administration (TSA) warehousing facility.

Video monitors provide state of the art surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Climate controlled warehouse space to protect your product in excessive heat and cold.

Motion sensors are designed and configured to maximize the protection against unauthorized intruders.

Armed Security Guards will respond to any alarm set off in the facility.

State of the art fire suppression system allows high pile multi-level storage permits.